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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Sorry, but, I gotta say I'm sure Shane knew exactly what he was doing shooting Otis in the leg, rather than killing him, IMHO, it was very obvious.
If so, it wasn't a very smart calculation. He had very little time to get the pack off Otis' back, and with Otis fighting back, he might not have made it before the zombies got them both. What if Otis had latched onto his arm and not his hair? Better to speed up the process and count on even a dead Otis to be enough of a distraction.

I would have shot Otis through the head and not because I'm nice.
I enjoyed the episode although I didn't buy Lori's speech about wanting Carl to die.
I bought it, just as I bought Andrea's reasons for not wanting to go on living. It's a tossup whether these people are all just being stupid, prolonging the inevitable.

Personally, I'd be one of the people who wants to go on living, but that's only if I could hit up a sporting goods store for a crossbow and take my ire out on the zombies. That would keep me motivated for a while.
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