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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Eventually that rope is going to break and you'll have another crawler on the loose.
Yeah, Darryl should have known just walking away was irresponsible.

And if Suicide Poet managed to climb up the tree to tie the rope around a branch while suffering zombie flu, Darryl could have scampered up to cut the rope and retrieve that arrow. Considering how infrequently these people come across sporting goods stores, they shouldn't be cavalier about ammo.

PS, on the topic of gunshots being a zombie dinner bell: how easy would it be to get your hands on a silencer?

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The History Channel special draws a parallel to terrorism. Apparently, more than half the zombie apocalypse movies ever made have come after the terrorist attacks of 2001.
Good to know they're featuring some intelligent content. That channel has about as much history nowadays as Syfy has science.
I was amazed at how much historical content they included, stuff about the fall of Rome and Ghengis Khan and zombie myths in ancient China, Arabia and Scandinavia. Maybe they should do more zombie documentaries.
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