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Will Fruit Space Nine have an annual Watermelon Must Suffer episode where Leo Gallagher comes aboard the station and smashes him with a mallet?
And in a very special episode, David Letterman will throw him of a 5-story building. Letterman will be played by a pineapple.

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That does it. I want to spend a least a few hours living inside your head.
It's possible, but you've got to strike the right balance between LSD and crystal meth. And there will be consequences, such as staying up until 4am thinking about plot-lines based around fruit.

Vortex (***)

When I bought the DVDs back in 2004, Vortex was one of only a handful of episodes I hadn't seen in their entirety, and it stood out quite prominently, partly because it's above average for a season 1 episode, but mainly for how well it clicks with what we learn of the Changelings later in the series. Their persecution, how they went into hiding, even their name are all introduced in this episode. Sure, in the end it's all dismissed as folklore, but that folklore must have come from somewhere. At the time I didn't know about all the back-room stuff and how DS9's writers made everything up as they went along, and I almost believed that this was intentional foreshadowing of what was to come. Now I know that it wasn't, but I'm still impressed that DS9's writers took elements from a largely forgotten episode in season 1 and made it a key part of the show.

As a story, it's pretty interesting, but not much to write home about. It focuses on the two key elements of Odo's character, his urge for justice and his desire to learn about his people, and it puts those two things into conflict. Luckily for Odo, he doesn't have to choose between the two as the writers find a way for him to go with Croden without compromising his ethics. It may seem a bit neat and tidy that Odo just happened to be passing the so-called home of the Changelings on his way to Croden's homeworld, but it's still reasonably well handled.

There's two issues with the episode. Firstly, Odo gets knocked out with a rock. How did that happen? The other is the ending where Odo decides to let Croden go. It makes sense if Croden's homeworld is ruled by a totalitarian regime (possibly even as part of the Dominion) and Croden was a freedom fighter, but there's still a question mark around that issue and the fact that Croden did murder that Miradorn. It's like as if the episode got to the 55 minute mark and realised it had to wrap things up quickly, so it threw together a feel-good ending even though it doesn't make complete sense. Still, it's an enjoyable episode overall.

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