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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Garak wrote: View Post
I really enjoyed Shane descent in to darkness, doing things I'm sure he never thought himself capable of during simpler times. I can't help but wonder if that kind of theme is being foreshadowed for the other survivors we are following.
Bloody Hell, I hope not. The humanity of the characters is what makes the show great.

The hanging zombie was super creepy, thought that was very well done. Definite waste of an arrow though.
Actually, I don't think so. Eventually that rope is going to break and you'll have another crawler on the loose.

propita wrote: View Post
So if vampires are about sex, is the current popularity of zombies reflecting the insecurities of society and the seeming loss of control?
The History Channel special draws a parallel to terrorism. Apparently, more than half the zombie apocalypse movies ever made have come after the terrorist attacks of 2001.
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