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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

Awesome episode.. those 42 minutes just flew by.

Castle is really a devious man isn't he and cool as cool can be under fire but the real telling moments are the reactions of Kate.. i've rarely seen her this furious and if something would have happened to Castle, i.e. he got killed she would have had her revenge even if it meant to go to jail and ruin your life.

I was so grinning broadly when the robbery ended, she saw him and was so happy you could almost feel her fighting the urge to hug or even kiss hem when Martha steps in to break the moment

It also broke my heart when Alexis nearly broke down for fear of losing the two closest persons and being alone.. that Ashley brushed her off afterwards in a moment of dire need was the death of their relationship (it was apparent that it was ending but this was the final moment).

Loved the ending of the episode and the family moment they all shared.. a sneak peek at the future to come for Castle and Kate? (just noticed on the rewatch the funny "terrified" look in her face when Martha hugs and spins her around when they get to Castle's appartment.. apparently she's not that used to close moments with other people. With Castle's family better get used to it! )

@Adm. Young:

I don't think it will happen that soon, i.e. November sweeps because if believe it will be "reserved" for Beckett's mother case which will most likely take a step forward and maybe the writers will move their relationship forward a bit but i'd guess not the whole way.
However i'm a firm believer that by the end of the season, in the season finale at the latest, events will transpire to get them together finally.. and i'll kill someone if the scene is the season cliffhanger!
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