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Re: Die Hard V - Not Looking Good...

That's just Smith trying to lay blame for the stinker at someone else's feet. Smith has had, maybe, two good movies and the rest are either meh or ass.

As for Willis? He was great in The Expendables, Hostage, Tears of the Sun, Sin City, Hart's War, Unbreakable and pretty good in LFODH, Surrogates and Red. Admittedly, some of those are like 10 years old. He's also made a shit-ton of movies I've never even heard of -he might be good in those. Assassination of a High School President? WTF?

Also, on a related note... Expendables 2, is that cast list on imdb someone's fantasy draft or are those like confirmed players? Chuck Norris? Van Damme? Hells yeah!
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