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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

1) I read The Making of Deep Space Nine too, and I think you're missing the point of the "cheap chicken" anecdote. You are taking a gag from Berman's working relationship with Piller as writers and trying to use it as evidence to discredit the guy. That's not academically fair, it is intellectually dishonest and frankly, it reeks of lazy thinking on your part. Is this the best you can do to defend your point? Is this the most salient argument you have to support your claim?

2) You are still providing me with your opinions about Enterprise. I am not questioning your opinions, despite disagreeing with them. I am however challenging your assertions --which you are presuming and perpetuating as fact, solely because you didn't like the product he was producing-- and asking you for hard, legit sources to back up your so-far-spurious claims.

If you can't back up your shit though, man up and just admit it - you didn't like the show. That's no reason to cast aspersions on the people who worked hard to produce that show, whether you liked it or not, never mind the fact that we are sitting here, six years after the show wrapped arguing about its merit.

If you're going to go down the tired, one-note road of Berman bashing, at least have the stones to admit to it.
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