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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Any idea which tablet or column? Or when in the story, approximately? You got me hauling out my copy of it.
Unfortunately, I do not. It was just a quote they threw up on the screen. I'll go back to my tape and see if they give a reference and post it tonight if they do.
So I checked my tape and the exact quote was, "I will raise up the dead and they will eat the living-- and the dead will outnumber the living." No citation more specific than The Epic of Gilgamesh was given. A quick Google search finds the quote (with slightly different wording) under "Part 3: Ishtar and Gilgamesh, and the Death of Enkidu."
Tablet VI, column iii, lines 99-100 of my translation: "and I will make the dead rise, and they will devour the living, / and the dead will increase beyond the number of the living."

Sounds like zombies to me!

So if vampires are about sex, is the current popularity of zombies reflecting the insecurities of society and the seeming loss of control?
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