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Re: Planet of the Titans U.S.S. Enterprise

I didn't think this design could get any better, but you have done it.

In the other McQuarrie-prise threads here, we learned that Ken Adam, who did the space station in MOONRAKER, wanted a very flat saucer that was designed to become a base, where the bridge, landing pad, and antenna farm would all rise up, making for a very busy design. McQuarries own saucer had a rounder edge than Adams did.

This design here is an excellant intermediate choice. It might be nice to perhaps have a similar extensible dish on the bottom of the secondary hull. You might remember the SNARK, a proposed design for the Nostromo in ALIEN, that had an entire topside that was a dish. A smaller version of that on the bottom would allow this very large ship to be like our old submarine, the Triton--a radar picket sub that was very large and was the only dual reactor sub the US ever had.

This ship, what with the dish treatment you have added, screams section 31--a ship designed to be a mobile listening post as much as a carrier...
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