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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Shane did make an attempt to get Otis to take the bags, presumably on the assumption that he thought Otis had the better chance to get away. So the way I read the situation was about as tragic as can be imagined: there was no way both of them were going to survive and the one to survive would have to be the "worse" guy.

Carl's life depended on one of them staying behind as bait. Shane offered to be bait, Otis refused, because he's a better man than Shane, perhaps. That batted the ball into Shane's court, and he was the one who made the only decision he could have: since Otis wouldn't leave Shane as bait, Shane was forced to turn Otis into bait.

But geeze, couldn't Shane have shot the guy cleanly in the head? I guess we can chalk that up to Shane not being able to bring himself to kill an innocent person outright, being a sherrif and all, but it would have been the more merciful, not to mention efficient, option.
As others have said, it is possible that leaving live bait might have been more alluring to the zombies than dead bait. It's also possible that Shane didn't think the situation through, or couldn't bring himself to outright kill Otis.

Otis almost kept Shane from getting away. I really can't see Shane being cold-blooded enough in that situation to rationally assess whether Otis would be better bait alive or dead. Shooting Otis in the foot is as much as he could bring himself to do, in a situation where there was no time to think anything through.
The fact that Otis fought for his life makes me believe that he was of the mentality that both of them could escape with their lives. Shane presumably figured that one of them was going to make it, but not both.

I don't think Shane is a bad guy at all, at least not right now.
I don't think he's a bad guy, but at the same time I don't really like him all that much. I think he's a wonderfully complicated character, who has good intentions, but I started disliking him after he nearly shot Rick- and I do think he would have shot Rick if it wasn't for Dale (which, of course, we'll never know if Shane would have indeed shot Rick if it wasn't for Dale's intrusion).

I mean, no one is perfect, and people sometimes snap during hard times, especially since everyone deals with situations differently. However, things continue to add up that suggest a degradation in Shane's moral character. I can understand him lying about Rick to Lori because, given the flashback, it is very possible that he thought Rick was dead. However, I don't think I've ever contemplated killing my friend, especially someone who I've come to consider a very close friend. I know Shane was experiencing a weak moment, but that incident has stayed with me for a while.

I had assumed that Shane was going to move past his feelings for Lori, but clearly that isn't the case, either. In my summation, I think Shane is a very self-involved character and I think he makes decisions out of his self-interest more than his affection for anyone else, including Carl and Lori.

He could tell everyone a zombie pulled out his hair in trying to grab him. Shaving his head is a recognition of guilt and penitence or a confirmation that he's planning to just keep wading across that river, Macbeth-style, or most interestingly: it's both.
I'm not sure if Shane necessarily feels guilty.

I'm sure there's that remnant of guilt that any normal person would feel if they were in that same situation, but something tells me that Shane is just veering more off the edge. I think shaving his head was more about protecting his innocence, but then again I could be looking at the situation from only one perspective.

Perhaps I'm not giving him enough credit. After all, regardless of what he did, he did end up saving Carl's life. In the end, he faced an incredible situation, and ended up making a decision that wasn't easy. If I was in his situation, I don't think I could have done what he did, but then again, I'm not in his situation so I can't really judge.

I guess it reverts back to Lori's conversation with Rick about survival, and how these people are resorting to making difficult and hard decisions as a consequence of having to endure and survive.
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