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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

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Picard is also pretty darn iconic, and I think there's a pretty open and shut case to be made for Worf.
Picard isn't very iconic when you separate him from Patrick Stewart playing him. Worf is basically just an iteration on Spock.

Iconic characters are the ones that can be recast and just continue merrily along, like JJ Abrams proved with the TOS characters. Do the same with the TNG characters, and I'm not sure what you'd have. Data would be the most reliable, because of his iconic status, but the rest could be dull or a train wreck or both.

For instance, folks are suggesting that Picard be actually French this time around. Interesting idea, but it takes the serious risk of a lead character who comes off as an obnoxious, stuck-up prig.

Stewart playing Picard got around that danger, but it's far from certain another actor wouldn't stumble right into that trap, especially if he has the handicap of an actual French accent, and let's be honest, that would be a handicap. People will either think he's an asshole right off the bat, or a joke like Inspector Clousea or PePe LePew, because that's how we've all been conditioned.
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