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Re: American Horror Story (FX) 1x01 Pilot (Grading/Discussion)

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I've yet to watch it. It's piling up on my DVR and I just haven't had time to watch it yet. Looking forward to it.
I did that with ďWalking DeadĒ and had a marathon before the new season started. A great way to enjoy a show.

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Great news! Thanks for sharing... And for those of us who continue to forget to set the DVR, I believe FX is showing the first four episodes back to back tonight.
You mean you donít set it to record all first-run episodes? Is that option a directv option or for all dvrís. Gotta say, itís great to not have to worry, see the recorded playlist, and see the to-be-taped stuff. And the app lets me set to record things on my phone. Iíve even used that app a couple of times.

Yes, I watch a lot of tv. Leftover from when we had NO money and our main forms of entertainment was sex and tv.
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