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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Mr. Adventure wrote: View Post
Anyone find the picture quality kind of lousy? I actually checked to make sure my TV didn't go into some odd picture mode.
Yeah, the picture quality was rather bad this week on my end too. At first I thought I had accidentally recorded the SD channel.

sojourner wrote: View Post
Shot him in the leg. A head shot might have led to him not being as attractive to the zombies.
On first thought this seemed possible (perhaps the instinct is to only eat food they've killed), but it doesn't seem like it would track with the guy who hanged himself.

Borgminister wrote: View Post
They could've actually gone the 'easy' way out and have Otis be the 'hero' by sacrificing himself for the boy. It was an interesting decision to have it be decided for him by Shane. Definitely a WTF moment.
That was what I initially expected when Shane showed back up at the farm without Otis, and would've felt more or less in line with what little we knew about the television version of the character. But, yeah, it was definitely a more dramatically interesting decision to have him betrayed by Shane.

Agent Richard07 wrote: View Post
What did they tell whatsherface when Shane got back without Otis? Did she just assume he was there or did they lie about his whereabouts? Something about that part didn't ring true.
I'd assume they simply didn't say anything to her, and allowed her to assume Otis was outside with the others. She did stay in the room with Carl, after all, preparing him for the surgery when Shane returned, and I would assume Herschel went right to work when he went back inside.

Agent Richard07 wrote: View Post
Last night I thought... Why don't they just stay there?
If they incorporate a point from the comics (and there's been some foreshadowing on this front, or at least I've taken it as such), then I think a very good reason will present itself in the next episode or so.
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