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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

90. Fright Night ('85): B
91. Love & Other Drugs: B
92. X-Files: I Want to Believe - B+
93. Source Code: A-
94. Paranormal Activity 3: A
95. Rachel Getting Married: C

The first problem I have with this movie is the camera work. Not sure why they went with the 1st person style docu-camera work. It just didn't work imo. My second issue is I just don't relate to bratty overly selfish individuals especially when that's the character they want you to sympathize with. Yes, I get the tragedy that caused her,and her mom, to both lose it and sever their relationship. What happened to little Ethan was tragic. That said, it's been years and Kim(Hathway) has become nothing but a self absorbed bitch. I wouldn't pay her any special attention at all. Don't get the love this movie got when it came out.
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