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Re: Star Trek: Typhon Pact: The Struggle Within (ebook) review thread

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Just wrote my review (link in the sig). For the most part, loved it, as I usually do things written by Christopher. However, I have to agree with many that it was just too darn short! (Hardly a bad criticism, I think!)
Thanks for the review! I'm glad people are responding well to this, because I was afraid it didn't work at all.

A couple of points, though. One, it's "Choudhury," not "Cloudhury."
Yikes! Well, son of a gun, is my face red!

Two, you said:

The scenes in Kinshaya territory, for example, felt as though they only took a couple of days, as opposed to the few weeks they were supposed to represent.
While Choudhury and Chen are away from the ship for about 17 days, most of that is travel time. The events on Janalwa itself span only 5 days, with only 2 days between the two rallies.
Fair enough, I should have said Choudhury and Chen's story took a couple of weeks, rather than saying their time in Kinshaya territory.
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