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Re: How is janeway going to warn Temporal Investigations about Braxton

"Clean room" great term. I was thinking that it was more like seal of the confessional with the catholics. It's their job to collect up all the dangerous and miscellaneous (all) time stuff and lock it away until the future is ready, much like with Warehouse 13's charter.

In season 6's relativity Janeway had never heard of "The Temporal Prime Directive" so does that mean that by season 7's Shattered, that Janeway was ("You have to learn how to think more Fourth Dimensionally Marty!") obeying laws that hadn't been written yet into the Amendments to the Starfleet Charter or the Federation Legal Code or had she had lawyers on board Voyager drafting new law? A treaty with a world is practically a "law" which just needs a cursory ratification by the Federation Council which makes a Captain like an (almost) binding arbitrator if you think about it, wow. Janeway returned from the other side of the galaxy with the exact laws necessary to criminalize the actions of Admiral Janeway. She's like Space-Rosencrantz and Space-Guildenstern delivering their own execution orders to the Space-king of Space-England.

Yes, Daniel, I should read that book.

At this point in time, Starfleet was bound by the Temporal Displacement Policy which seemed more to be about being lost in time then voyaging forth with an agenda.

I thought Bruce Campbell was a much better Time Cop in the TV series, but Jason Scott Lee in the second movie was balls.
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