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Re: What next for Mass Effect?

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Another time I enjoyed using the Cain was during Garrus's loyalty mission, when you're chasing down Harkin. Oh, two giant mechs, huh? KABOOM! I mean, it wasn't really necessary, I just found it hilarious.

And on the thresher maw, of course.
I like using it on Kasumi's loyalty mission for the boos fight, I just love the smell of nuked rich asshole in the morning.

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Reverend wrote: View Post
^Pretty sure that'll work. In my last playthrough I kept to mostly paragon choices, but chose almost exclusively renegade dialogue options. It made for some very interesting scenes.
And the renegade choices for Legion's loyalty mesh much better with the paragon choice, IMHO.

The whole "they're not human, don't judge them by our values" schtick seems to lead more naturally to wanting to reprogram the Heretics than "branwashing is teh bads, you're dope, Legion"

That, and pure paragon dialogue on Mordin's loyalty makes me feel like an idiot.
I like the renegade interrupt on that miision my self.

Herkimer Jitty wrote: View Post
Plus, renegade interrupts are sometimes too good to pass up.

Like those Eclipse mercs on Miranda's loyalty. The look on that salarian's face is priceless.
Especially after how the group's commander starts about how screwed you're suppost to be at this point.
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