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Re: Comparing the regular Borg to Lore's Rogue Borg

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They are pretty agile when in close proximity of a hostile target, just check out the intial battle in FC! I suppose that rushing into a conflict is inefficient and since the Borg are arrogant enough to assume that assimilation is inevitable, they see no reason to waste energy until they are in range of their target.
Its also more efficient to deal with intruders before they cause problems. If intruders are allowed to walk around a Borg cube until they start blowing stuff up, that is very inefficient. Is always more efficient to deal with small problems before they become bigger problems. If intruders are allowed to blow things up before someone tries to stop them, then even if the intruders are defeated, drones will have to spend time repairing the damage they did.

It be more logical if the collective issued a directive, that any non Borg found on a Borg should be assimilated or at least subdued right away, rather then just ignoring them.
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