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How is janeway going to warn Temporal Investigations about Braxton?

the Department of temporal investigation is real. They are clerks who have offices on 24th century Earth and file reports that are forwarded to the Admiralty. Paper pushing office monkeys in black pyjamas who we met in Trials and Tribblations. So I'm not talking about nebulous 29th century timecops patrolling the frontier. It's like comparing the OSS to the CIA, right?

Does Janeway have to tell the Department of Temporal Investigations that Braxton is "perhaps" destined to destroy Earth's solar system in just 500 years time, or is she concerned that that would muck up the computer revolution of the 1970s, or are thay already living in a new time line that these grandfatyhering triggers are not necessary because Janeways and Braxtons from already demolished timelines cemented their history... Or Kathy should just trust fate?

Someone is going to have to think about sterilizing Braxton's parents or grandparents, just to make certain that Earth doesn't pop like a zit.
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