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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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I hope they go into some depth with Voodoo Zombies, which have been neglected in literature and movies for a while.
They don't go into too much depth but given that there are other traditions that are actually far closer to "modern" zombies, with the cannibalism and all, I think they give voodoo zombies enough air time. Modern zombies are mis-named. They should be called ghouls.
Yeah, I've seen that part. Interesting, since in World War Z they are referred to as Ghouls. Guy must have done his research. I still want more on Voodoo zombies, though.

Temis the Bleeding Aorta wrote: View Post
Yeah Matheson had "vampire zombies" but the real noteworthy thing was the plague aspect - no vampire or zombie story that I know of before then had introduced that idea. Or even other related legends like golems and ghouls. The plague aspect is what makes it feel so modern in comparison with previous legends.
Well, actually, I believe they did quote something analogous. If I'm remembering right, it was from the Epic of Gilgamesh and it talked about the dead rising up and outnumbering the living.
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