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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

Bought the bare bones edition over the weekend and watched it last night. The movie holds up extremely well in my opinion. I think Hugo did a great job with the material he had with Skull. Red Skull is a much more 'mustache spinning' baddie and for that Hugo gave him gravitas and presence where a lesser actor I think would've exposed the two dimensionality of the character.

Knowing, based on statements, the next film will have a present day focus I do enjoy knowing where the gaps are that we can have flashbacks to this era for future films.

The gal I was watching with asked the obvious question that arises, "Why does the shield come back? It's not a boomerang." Instead of trying a few of the explanations the comics have tried I just told her it was more about angles and positioning, not so much it comes back. It helped that a few times it wouldn't, like when it hits Red Skull. She was also curious about Bucky returning and the possible set up for that in this film once I laid that out.

Film is a solid B+, maybe A- imo.
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