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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

Picard was an old fart. there's something very detached about English people even the guy who played bond. There's something wierd about them. Even the guy from dune laughed at Stewart when he referred to himself as an ass in the desert. He's a nincompoop. Compounded by Brannon Braga also being detached and the rest just being greedy and power hungry. Sex appeal and magnitism is what Shat had in spades. avery Brooks was emotionally unavailable. His wife was killed horribly by the Borg, Picard's people, and he had a teenage whinny and emotionally needy kid and his hands full. Janeway was lost and loved holographic characters. the chemistry of enterprise sucked. T'Pol was incredibly uninteresting. they should have made her T'Pau at least. It's the tiniest of things that make the biggest difference. They didn't want the legal expense. They got 9000 lawyers working for them. No, Not Hal 9000. Braga is just stupid in many ways. Nobody can do everything. Berman was hamstringing him, bringing in Coto the clown over him. I mean how much can you take even if you are a genius. The rug was pulled over even his head by the power hungry political juggernaut politics in hell entrenchment that was Rick Berman.
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