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Re: Die Hard V - Not Looking Good...

I also liked XMW:O. The game was really fun, too. Let you literally cut the bad-guys (humans!) into meaty chunks the way a guy with knives coming out of his hands should. XM and XM:U were solid, the latter more so than the first. XM:LS was ass all the way through. XM:FC was great, though.

As for Die Hard, I think the McTiernan editions are my favorite (1 & 3), followed by 4 & 2. Nothing beats one, but the others are all cool in their own way. Too bad he couldn't do another one. He knows the world and characters the best, besides Willis.

Hmmm...why doesn't Bruce try to direct one? Maybe the last one, after 5. Or get Stallone to do it. He's a pretty good director, especially of action/drama (Rocky Balboa & half of the rest of the series, Rambo, The Expendables). They're friends. I think it would be friggin' awesome!
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