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Langley Station
Langley Station needs outstanding writers!!

A series of desperate fights. A wounded Captain. A station in shambles. A skeleton crew on a broken station holds open the supply lines to the fleet, desperately fighting along the Kzinti border. Replacements are badly needed and crew wanted to step up and hold the line along your brothers and sisters in the fleet.

My name is Captain Jacob Dewey, I have been the Commanding Officer of Langley Station for a year. We're a smaller SIM, but one that focuses on dramatic writing and a certain degree of realism among the fictional stars surrounding us. Right now we have the following positions open and are about to start the next chapter in a large and complex joint mission.

Chief Operations Officer
Strategic Operations Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Marine CO
Marine XO
Marine Gunnery Sergeant
Naval Fighter Group Commander
Temporal Scientist
Chief Security Officer
Chief Tactical Officer
Medical Officer
Marine Command Sergeant Major

So swing by and see if you'll discover a new home.

Capt. Jacob Dewey
Langley Station, Commanding
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