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Re: World Of Warcraft?

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I haven't played since Jan...but I notice some comments on various sites that the game graphics are showing their age and in general people are tired and moving on to things like 'Rift' and I am sure when the Star Wars MMO comes out more people will leave WOW.
With every new MMO that comes out people make that prediction. So far it hasn't happened. WOW still has the highest sub base. I think TOR's subscribers will be made up of KOTOR, Bioware and Star Wars fans.

I have generally enjoyed the game and when I can play(pay for a month) make the most of it...I enjoy the races and the question is; Should Blizzard rebuild WOW from the ground up as a new game? Instead of just adding expansions on top of expansions. I don't know what the future of WOW is so forgive if there is news and info making this thread irrelevant.

[edit] I should add...I do think the graphics should be updated a bit and I really wish the character creation was expanded...I mean there are free MMOs that have more options.
Blizzard is already working on an MMO called Titan. I don't have any idea what that game is about, but their focus as far as new game development goes will be that. I agree WOW should have more options such as better character creation and a form of player housing. Since these things have been asked for ever since the game came into existence, I doubt they will happen. I don't know why, but there it is.
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