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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Oh and Siddig's acting was always horrible to me, the guy could NOT act in DS9 or anything after it.
IMO, Siddig is quite possibly the best regular actor in the franchise, once you remove Sir Patrick from the equation.
I also recommend seeing "Cairo Time" and possibly "Miral" if you don't mind the controversy. I had a major crush on him when DS9 first came out and then recently I saw his performance on MI-5 which is called Spooks in the UK. I was mesmerized by his skill and its quite possibly the reason I came back to watching DS9 and later the movies which I just mentioned.

Also remember he started when he was 26 years old on DS9 and willingly agreed to be a disliked character from the start. I love that they didn't make Bashir the pretty boy who knew everything, but a genuine human with flaws, bad luck with girls, and trying hard to fit in.
Siddig is an awesome actor
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