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Re: M'ress appreciation thread

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Does make one wonder who they might have attempted such a makeup in 1978-79 might have been achieved. Would they have attempted implanting hairs to make the face actually "furry" (as was done with the Sisters of Plenitude in Doctor Who)... Given the odds such a character would have been little more than a "cameo", I suspect the latter.
Well, Paula Crist designed her own wolfish/feral makeup for her alien character, Worene, in TMP - she competed with Billy Van Zandt (in makeup created by Phillips and usually applied by Ve Neill) as the bridge's alien ensign - but Wise chose to place her in the rec deck scene. Crist based the makeup on a male version of her alien she had performed at SF conventions. The male version had long shaggy hair. Gene R personally invited Paula Crist, already a trained stuntwoman and actress, to perform her alien in TMP.

Worene (center, front row) by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

or would they have gone the more traditional route of "bare" foam latex appliences (like Oz's Cowardly Lion) merely "painted" to suggest fur?
By the way, Fred Phillips worked on "Oz" as a much younger man.
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