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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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To be choosen as a Trek writer is an honor from my point of view and the writers steadily should consider that. The honor is connected with a big responsibility: To keep the Star Trek universe worth and enjoyable "to live in" for every Trek fan and not exclusively for a part of them. Not every book can be liked by everybody the same as well, but also the recent books should cover the different desires of the readers.

Gotham and Chuckling, if my -our- points would be so stupid like you want to show it in your special rude and un-businesslike way, you wouldn't consider it for being worth to waste any time on answering to my post. You couldn't make me happier!

Thank you for at least checking out my website and raising the hits on it as well as for the advertisement to visit my site by mentioning it over and over, but I doubt, that you really read the whole post with all the connected links.
Hopefully you didn't miss my Life Drawings and adult rated parts . (Not all is only Trek related.)

You are afraid of us Janeway fans, 'cause we are more than you thought and this is good this way.

Chuckling, I don't understand why we should share our fanfics on the Koffeeclub page . You might not know that this is a private website like mine is too. Only the owner(s) can post there.
Fanfics are usually shared on special private writer’s boards as well as and similar places and not send to any private person.
I didn't know that you are such a fan of JC fan fiction that you would dig all over the Koffeeclub site to only find the stories! You surely agree that there are really good ones to find. If you look for more: I have a decent collection of links on my site you happen to know now.

You believe, my posts don't get any answers in Europe? Did you know that a big part of our active Facebook group members consists of Europeans? Probably not. Now you do. Just guess who's (along with my friend's) invitations they followed and who founded the group .

My Bring Back Janeway connected posts in other boards are mostly only made for informing other people and include links. The people who want to join us come to our Facebook group. This are the group and Facebook for: to connect.
There are indeed members of different Voyager forums only they are using their real names or RP names there, of course. I didn't think that I need to explain this to you. Maybe you don't know Facebook that well.

I have truly neither time nor desire anymore to constantly jump around all those Star Trek boards as I did being new in fandom. So you barely will see me often posting there anyway.
Thanks for the talk, guys, and I'm glad that I could help . Real life waits.

Kathryn J., I realise English is not your first language but I can assure you, you were not being answered in a rude way at all and actually, you were being answered in a completely businesslike manner, even if you didn't like what was being said.

I am glad you agree with me that being a Trek writer is a responsibility and an honor. I am sure every *Star Trek* writer understands that and they are endeavouring to fulfill the role, even if it doesn't suit what you think they should do.

No, I did not have time to visit every section of your website nor do I desire to. Plus you are deliberately misconstruing the point of my using the Koffee Club as an example of something that has been producing Janeway materials for a very long time. i.e. long term fans have dealt with these issues many times over and come up with their own solutions.

You can post wherever you want. i.e. your website. Like everybody else, that's your choice.

Nobody is afraid of the Janeway fans, not even remotely. Why? Should we be? Is there something we don't know about you that we should be scared of?

Here's reality Kathryn J. A first print run of ANY book will usually run to about 30 - 50,000 copies. They have to print at least that number in order to make back how much it costs to publish a book.

There are many *Janeway* books already available. But the publishers don't have unlimited resources to continue publishing books just because a small section of a particular fandom wants them to. For a time, they want to try publishing books focusing on other characters and see whether they sell any better.

There is nothing odd about any of this: That's how the publishing industry works. Nobody has a conspiracy against Janeway fans, it is just simply time to give the character a rest and work with other characters and emphasize other storylines.

Oh and BTW, nobody really cares about who founded the Facebook group. That's been known by many; throughout your campaign. It hasn't made any difference before and isn't going to now or in the future

The reality about whether or not the publishers and franchise want to continue writing a character are the same and no matter who wants things to be different will alter that; it won't be changed unless/until it becomes practical for them to do so.

In the meantime, enjoy Kate's wonderful work in all her new endeavours! And watch and read what already exists containing *Captain Janeway*. Like any friendship, spending time with it and reconsidering the past will only strengthen your appreciation of what you've got.

One more thing Kathryn J. You know how there is this theory that any *Star Trek* campaign of letters and contact will get minority groups of fans whatever they want? If they just get enough signatures and enough people joining in, the studios and franchise and TPTB will eventually give in?

It's a myth!

"...The threat of cancellation loomed during the show's second season.[11] The show's fan base, led by Bjo Trimble, conducted an unprecedented letter-writing campaign, petitioning NBC to keep the show on the air.[12] NBC renewed the show, but moved it from primetime to the "Friday night death slot", and substantially reduced its budget.[13] Roddenberry reduced his direct involvement in Star Trek before the start of the season to protest the changed timeslot, and was replaced by Fred Freiberger. The series was canceled in its third season, despite the protests of a renewed letter-writing campaign...."

In other words, NBC may have initially "given in" but they moved the show to a bad timeslot. It was actually more of a slap in the face to the fans than actually giving them what they wanted. Admittedly, it got the show back on air but then after that, campaigns were ignored.

Fact is, there are now so many *Star Trek* fans, each with their own version of what they want, it is not possible for everybody to be kept happy. That means the franchise has little choice but to make their own decisions, trying to find the best solution possible, even if that means minority groups are not always going to get what they want, all the time.

As you admit Kathryn J., you are new to fandom. Enjoy what you have and look forward to whatever may come in the future! The best option is to allow the authors and writers the freedom to write whatever it is they want to and that way, everybody involved can be surprised at where in the *Star Trek* universe they take us!

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