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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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@ Chuckling, you are also free to write any of the character any way you want to, but licensed Trek, has an obligation to all of Trek Fans to produce stories about all the Trek Characters, they also have the obligation to all of Trek fans to produce those characters "in character" and to leave the character in the same condition that they found them in the first place.

No one is stopping anyone from producing fan fiction. But we are not talking about fan fiction; we are talking about published books that are produced for profit. That is a whole different thing.

You are right about that, I can write the characters anyway I want to. And no, licensed Trek does not have any obligation to keep or use any characters they no longer want to use, for whatever reason (many of which it may not be appropriate to share with the fans, possibly due to legal reasons). If CBS and/or Paramount Pictures decide they don't want a character continuing, they instruct the writers and the character is written out.

Licensed Trek's job is to keep the franchise functioning and for that to occur, the reality is that it needs to be making money.

Consider this. *Star Trek* is now a worldwide franchise. Wherever the Internet exists, there are *Star Trek* fans. Of the 6,775,235,700 people in the world, let's say that 1,000,000.00 of them are *Star Trek* fans. Suddenly the 1,000 fans who want Janeway back in the novels is less than 1%.

Of the 850 fans you have listed in your Facebook group, authors would receive approximately $1 of what you pay at the register. An $850 check wouldn't go far these days! Even if MANY Janeway books were written and you bought them all, it still wouldn't come even close to covering the costs of producing them.

Like it or not, these are the realities of the situation. The publishers and franchise have the statistics and Captain Janeway focused novels apparently aren't selling, for whatever reason! If the publishers are not making back (at least) the costs of producing the books, they won't continue publishing them.

But you are not explaining to me why it is so important to you that you be able to buy the books with "Captain Janeway" in them.

So, let me see if I can put this into words for you that may represent what you are saying. You want the professional writers creating stories that involve your favorite characters where you can relax and be entertained.

Plus there is something about the *Captain Janeway* character that draws you to her and that you want to understand better and re-experience. In effect, the character has become like a friend and you don't want to lose that friendship.

And that's great! Perfectly understandable!

But let's consider that even considering only the main characters of this 45 year old franchise, there are 46 central figures, all of whom have their dedicated fanbase and want them to receive due attention as well. And every single one of them have cash they want to spend also.

Here's the thing! I don't think anybody is necessarily saying the character of *Captain Janeway* is gone for good! Might be, might not be. But for the time being, other characters are being given some time in the spotlight!

In the meantime, you guys keep *Captain Janeway* alive and develop what you would like to see happen.

Apart from TPTB being able to observe what you're doing and what you regard as important in the character and what attracts you, they will be able to work out what you'd possibly like included in the other character's development and storylines as well.

This is a 45 year old franchise and it isn't dead yet! While there's life, there's hope!

How does what I said above sit with how you feel? Is that an apt description of why you want the character returned to the novels?

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