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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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The first few relaunch novels were embarrasingly bad, but Kirsten Beyer has pulled off something of a miracle - Voyager is now the most vibrant, dynamic and interesting title in Treklit (a very widely shared opinion). This is without Janeway (or Tuvok) and they really are not needed, and for me at least, not wanted. I miss Kirk, Scotty and Data, but not Janeway.
I have no quarrel with you not missing Janeway, but conversely I do miss her and I have every right to expect to be able to purchase Paramount Licensed Books that have that character included. It isn't the character’s fault that you don't like the Christy Golden books; it isn't even the character's fault that you dislike her. If the Kirsten Beyer books are vibrant, they would have been just as vibrant with Kathryn Janeway, in fact in one sense they are because Afsarah Eden shares most of the same attributes.

Voyager needs all her characters, including Tuvok and Janeway, those are the stories that I will be happy to purchase.

There can be books about Kathryn Janeway written that would satisfy her fans and you would never have to open one, but the way it is right now we don't have the privilege to do this at all. All we are saying that we are fans and should be considered too.
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