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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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Let Janeway stay dead in Trek lit so that those of us that enjoy a universe without her can do just that. Get your Janeway fix elsewhere.
Not a good reason, we want to read Trek Lit stories about Admiral Janeway and Voyager and her crew. Why don't you find your "Current Trek Universe" fix elsewhere. Your "wants" in Trek Literature are not superior to ours. In fact if she was brought back you can still read books without her. It's time to share with all of Treks various fans, not the few.

You're creating your own stories about her. You're creating your own Trek Lit. and that's been going on since the character was first created!

You speak as if the entire world of *Star Trek* fandom is up in arms and demanding Janeway's return but even casual observance around the *Star Trek* websites indicates it's only a few people posting repeatedly.

In other words, it's the few demanding they get their own way over the interests of the rest of the paying public. The writers and publishers make their judgement calls governed by criteria other than yours. i.e. what sells in the market as opposed to what a few people THINK is happening the world over.

So what?

All this means is that YOU get to do the writing of the Janeway character. YOU get to create the stories about Captain Janeway now and people can read them at your websites.

You get to keep the character alive rather than leaving that in the hands of people you obviously don't trust to make good decisions even though they have all the relevant data and you don't.

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