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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

The way they keep nerfing weapons, though, it IS kinda like that. My main character's weapon, for example, i spent a lot of time grinding to get the points for. After they releveled things, it's underpowered enough that I gave it to a bridge officer that doesn't see the ground very often. Would I be shocked if they 'tweaked' things a bit more so that the stuff we had wasn't as good as the stuff we could now buy on the C-Store? Not in the least; in fact, I'm expecting it.

For starters, though, I'd love if someone got off their ass and put something back in for the 500 Day veteran award. They took away the biggest piece of the award (in September) because it might screw things up a little, possibly, if it still existed in December (or January, or March, or whenever they get around to relaunching this thing), promised they'd replace it with something else 'cool', and so far, nada. I missed the old reward by about 30 days, and there's no action taken on the replacement. Sure, people are busy with getting the F2P ready, I guess, but can't tell me this is much of a programming task, unless the coders are completely incompetent. How about we start there? Since apparently things like new content are out of the question, how about at least throwing a bone to the people who've been paying their subscription fees (while receiving no new content) to apparently just fund the F2P conversion? Seems like keeping the few loyal people left somewhat content, or at least not flipping them off, would be a no brainer, but apparently not. If they can't treat their customers a little better, not gonna be a lot of people still around when the F2P model eventually gets launched. 6 month hiatus for a game that's only been around for close to 2 years seems like a dumb move in the first place, but what do I know? Just know I'm losing patience, and the KOTOR game is sounding better and better...
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