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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

I hope they go into some depth with Voodoo Zombies, which have been neglected in literature and movies for a while.
They don't go into too much depth but given that there are other traditions that are actually far closer to "modern" zombies, with the cannibalism and all, I think they give voodoo zombies enough air time. Modern zombies are mis-named. They should be called ghouls.

Also, there's no recognition of vampirism as a percursor to modern zombies. They're basically just vampires with different eating habits. There is some discussion of the medieval idea of the "revenant" though.

And I really wanted some mention of I Am Legend as being a precursor to modern zombies, since that's where I think the idea arose of zombies as being analogous to a plague. The ancient ghoul-type legends don't have that crucial aspect, which to me is a more modern idea. (And tracing things back further, Earth Abides should get credit as a precursor to I Am Legend, but that's probably getting too far afield.)
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