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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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Am I the only one who can't look at that picture now without thinking of the recent GOP debate in Vegas? Damn you, CNN.

Kirsten, there might be the Americans thinking of politic debates seeing pix of LV (so you recognized the location ), but there are lots of Star Trek, ST: Voyager and Janeway fans who think about wrong politics "made in the 24th century" by celebrating -almost worshipping- war, destruction and genocide in recent Trek lit and "Abram's Trek".
You mustn't forget that Janeway has thousands of fans outside the United States. A part of them is on the BBS, a lot of them (more than 850 now) in our Facebook group.
To them this picture means a final happy ending of Full Circle's prologue as well as Isabo's Shirt.
Kirsten, did you know, when I suddenly found myself in "Venice" there - MY only thought was thinking about your novel. (Thankfully I had my action figures with by chance.) I'm convinced that Janeway being with the Q won't rest until she would be able to break out and become herself again.

@Chuckling: I want to see Janeway being brought back to Trek lit.
I would like to see a new Trek movie with Janeway in it too, of course. In canon Janeway isn't dead anyway.

"We all know that in science fiction nobody is really dead. They can be brought back every time."
Scott Bakula at FedCon XX

When you HONESTLY want to know WHY we want to have Janeway back and you would be open minded and added to this WILLING to get to know it, then I suggest you to thoroughly read here:
Following the included links you'll get a complete view on the topic.
I actually read your site. On several occasions you mention that Kirk, Spock, Sisko, Data and Trip were resurrected. The only problem is that that's not true. When was Sisko dead? In the finale of DS9 it was stated rather explicitly that he was not dead, he was with the Prophets and that he would come back to be with his family. Sisko...not dead! Never was dead. Trek lit Data is dead. We'll ignore the fact that he's a machine and thus technically not capable of dying in the traditional sense. But as far as Trek lit is concerned...the character is gone. Just because the guys that made the new movie decided to resurrect the character in a non-canon comic does not mean the same will happen in Trek lit. Its just like Janeway being alive in ST Online but not Trek lit. They don't have to all have the same outcome.

Kirk...In Trek lit is STILL DEAD. William Shatner, by virtue of who he is can do what he wants. That said, as far as the onscreen canon and the mainline of Trek lit has been concerned, James Kirk met his final end on Verridian III. The Shatner books do their own thing and have nothing to do with any other version of the Series.

Spock is, to date, the only character in Star Trek to legitimately die and actually get resurrected. He has the distinction of having that done in canon and it was a REALLY BIG DEAL when it happened. Star Trek, unlike you average comic book, usually treats death as permanent.
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