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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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you don`t have to use as MUCH dilithium?
Except about 15,000 per ship weapon when you can only refine 8,000 a day still equals a grind.
Is having to play the game to advance really a grind?
Yes when it involves having to scan anamolies and hope you get a rare trace and THEN have to get a large amount of dilithium WHICH TAKES A MONTH JUST FOR YOUR SHIP AT VA. I'm not a hardcore gamer and I don't have that kind of time BECAUSE I HAVE A LIFE, and I don't have so much money to buying dilithium from people is an attractive option so yes IT'S a grind. And thats not even factoring in having to unlock the ability to craft items.


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What people reject most about dilithium as a crafting material is the fact, that is is non tradeble.
Actually for me its that this change defeats the entire purpose of crafting which is to get good gear without having to pay game currancy from it. Now crafting is basically just a discount store.
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