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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

What people reject most about dilithium as a crafting material is the fact, that is is non tradeble. So you can't pool resources from different characters. Not from your own account, and certainly not from other people like fleet mates.
Every dedicated fleet crafter who was lending his expertise to mates who provided pooled materials are now "unemployed".
And the fleet members (not an issue with our fleet, as we don't have a dedicated crafter really).

But I myself only have a single character dedicated to crafting.
I certainly won't be able to grind all the stuff for for all my characters now. It's physically impossible to do it for 8-9 toons.
Even for 2-3 would suck every bit of fun out of the game as you would spend every single minute in the game for months on end to gather the materials and do nothing else.

Everyone who is ok with that should really look for a life...

Same goes for the new STFs. For some those missions were a pain to do because they were long and difficult if you didn't know what you were doing.
But the new abbreviated versions have degraded to a shoot-em up you have to repeat ad nauseum to have an alternative way to decent gear. And gear is the only motivativation people could possibly have for these in the eyes of teh devs it seems. Which is ridiculous. There is no more feel of a difficult team event when you do them.
I have not done the Elite versions yet, but from what I hear, they are more of the same, just really frustratingly difficult (meaning, overpowered Borg enemies who regularly on.e shoot the players no matter what gear and powers they bring)
I did a handful of runs I and I got one piece of Borg salvage on average out of it.
You need at least 20 for a single ground weapon.
Calculate yourself how many repeats it would take to outfit you ground characters and your complete ship... don't even start on your Bridge Crew....
And then alternate toons...

THAT is what I call a needless and off putting grind.
Spoiler me one more time! I dare ya! I double dare ya!
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