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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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Kathryn Janeway should be resurrected, of course, because she was the most important character of the Voyager TV show, actually its heart and soul, and the "Voy" books without her are not really Voyager, they are only stories with a ship and some of the original Voyager characters, and now many non-canon characters taking over, and that's not what most Voyager fans want to read. The current "Voy" novels reflect the sad state of affairs of Trek lit today, where death and destruction are more important than the true Trek spirit of life and adventure, and characters are considered expendable no matter how important they have become to so many fans. Every day on Facebook we hear from people who can't understand how such an iconic character like Kathryn Janeway, who was close to many Voyager fans' hearts (and I'm not saying all, so don't comment and say, well not me; am just saying many, many), could have been so cruelly rid of in the Trek books, and why can't she be brought back, since it wouldn't seem that difficult to do for the imaginative Trek book authors. They are saddened to hear KJ is considered unnecessary by the TPTB of Pocket Books and regretfully decide they can no longer continue to read the Star Trek books they used to enjoy, since without Kathryn Janeway that universe is no longer one they want to experience. That includes me, a long time Trek fan and former book reader. Bring KJ back, we know she lives!!!
OH PLEASE :roll eyes:

You people need to get over yourselves. Janeway was one fictional character in a universe full of fictional characters. If Data and Kirk can stay dead in Trek lit then there is no reason why Janeway needs to "live" forever.

Let Trek lit be the one place where Janeway need never again blight another story.
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