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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x09 - "Blank Slate"

Finally. I was like, "99 thread views and nobody can think of a single thing to say?"

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Enjoyed this a lot. Not a big fan of the amnesia plot (feel it's been overdone in fiction, myself), but the Taran'atar A-story really hit on all cylinders. I was not looking forward to him being controlled or going crazy again, but actually it seemed to be handled better than it was in the actual DS9-R, and that is high praise. I'm actually curious now as to how this storyline is going to develop.
Well, thanks for that, high praise indeed, I appreciate it.

Although, really the Ro stuff was supposed to be the A-plot and Taran'atar the B-plot. But I guess what a writer intends and what a reader gets from it don't have to be the same. Both stories are going interesting places (IMO naturally) as the season progresses.

This was the last episode concept I came up with the entire season, and the bizarre thing is that the idea came simply from the fact that I had a gap in the schedule which I had temporarily filled with the word "blank." From that one word came the entire episode.

The amnesia plot is kind of a soap opera cliche, I know. But it was only a means to an end really - to get to see some of Ro's backstory, and watch the effect it has on her. I decided on three major turning points in her life. We've heard so often about Ro's legendary Garon II mission that I wanted to finally nail down exactly what it was. The same with whatever the beef is between Ro and Akaar.

Of course, the former had already been done in the comic book story “The Choice” by Michael Jan Friedman, which I stole from pretty much wholesale (although I do have some ideas for how to take it further). But I almost feel like this makes it official, because mine's a TV script and TV is more official than comic books.

And yes, I know that's completely arse-about-face, but allow me my illusions.

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