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Re: Save Enterprise Profic!

Yes -- and I remember when so many more were available. It's one thing to slow down a bit to not oversaturate your client base. But in terms of Enterprise in particular, they've really only been coming out with one novel every -- what? -- year? Two years?

TOS is pretty much the only series they're producing all that faithfully, it seems.

What we do know: as of September 2010, we knew that Andy Mangles would no longer be writing Enterprise novels due to budget cuts at the publisher. We also know that we've been tying to find the answers to the following questions and the fact that there is nothing definitive is of concern to those of us who love the books and have come to view them as the closest thing to a Season Five that we're going to get:

Will there be more ENT novels?
How many will there be per year?
What's the health of the publisher for the Star Trek novels?
Who's making the decisions on what lines will be published (the publisher or Paramount)?

Generally, this stuff should be pretty easy to find out, but not so much right now, and this is a situation we've been watching for over a year.So basically, we're just trying to be a visible presence, remind them that there are fans who want more books, to please not forget us when the dust settles, and we're pointing out that lately, it seems like more and more Enterprise fans seem to be coming out of the woodwork so there is actually potential to grow this particular market if they're smart and careful.

We're encouraging those whose feelings would be hurt if there were no more novels or if the publication of them got any slower to do the same.

We understand if people have their reasons for not participating, and if folks are satisfied with one novel per month favoring TOS, cool. But we don't want this particular line (Enterprise) dropped, and it's a bummer to have to wait so long for the next one all the time, so we just want to do something about it before it becomes a problem, by showing them how eager and loyal we are.
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