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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

This is kind of unusual but I have a request. How about a B'Elanna that's more Klingon-looking? I always thought she was a bit too human. She needed less delicate rounded ridges, maybe some on her nose, slightly darker skin, slightly more ferocious teeth.

I remember watching early TNG as a kid and being repulsed by those two Klingon chicks who wanted to bed Riker during his exchange mission, and then intrigued by the idea that he'd be up for it. My notion of beauty, or at least attraction, opened up a bit - as it does throughout one's life. By the time Lursa and B'Etor came around, I was really taken with B'Etor.

I always found it fascinating how ugly they could make an alien and yet still be, well, do-able.
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