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Re: Star Ship Polaris

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^If it stood up to the blast from all the conventional explosives in the warheads. Remember, if one goes off, all of the others are going to cookoff as well. That would still be a pretty big yield even without it going nuclear.
It's still just going to only be the conventional explosives, though.
You ever watch what Mythbusters can do with conventional explosives?
You'll be getting no explosive action out of the active materials in the warhead.
Yeah, I said that.
Yeah, it's gonna really screw up your ship's hull, but it's still pretty survivable - unless you've really went cheap on your hull composition. And, I would assume that when they retrofitted that missile launcher onto the hull, they did some reinforcement work underneath it. So i think the biggest problems are going to be:

1) Decontaminating whatever is left of that weapons pod structure.
2) Replacing the weapons pod structure.
3) Repainting that spiffy orange racing strip on the hull.
Don't forget the weapons pod is going to make for some really nice shrapnel. I would guess that you would have some hull penetrations and maybe some collateral damage to other structures on that side of the ship. Remember, it wasn't constructed as a warship. Heck, the way the pod is designed, the force of the explosions are going to be directed forward and also in toward the main hull.
I could easily see damage being done to the forward drive mechanism. The access door to the globe could be torn right off.
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