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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

Random thought du jour: what if the writers had made Juice's big secret that he's gay, not that he's half-black?

This would solve the "are you guys BLIND" problem that Juice's skin tone points to him being nonwhite, hello. I can't see Jax and Opie giving a shit about Juice's race (and it's a stretch even for the older generation to think they're racist), but I could see everyone in SAMCRO being at least somewhat homophobic, and I could see some of them being violent homophobes who would threaten Juice's life if they knew the truth. So that would remove the plausibility issue that's been dogging this plotline.

Why wouldn't a closeted gay man decide he'd like to be a member of a motorcycle gang just as much as a straight guy would? He'd just figure he'll put on an act. Forever. Then Potter finds out some details of his past and uses Roosevelt to blackmail the guy. Same basic plot, but less of a stretch for us to believe.
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