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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG-R general discussion thread!

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I didn't know that. That would have been very cool but I can see why they didn't end up doing it.
HERE'S a design sketch by Andrew Probert on what the original idea was behind the E-D's saucer rim and and ARTICLE on his original design intent.

While I think Ten-Forward served the role of the lounge nicely for story telling purposes and for the "atmosphere" the ship was supposed to have of civilians, officers and such living together in a flying space city -something I love about TNG- I think Probert's original idea would've been quite awesome to see and would've given the ship and even greater atmosphere. Would've been awesome to have seen something in the ship like is suggest to have existed that was basically like a mall with shops, restaurants and such to give the ship a real city-like feel.
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