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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

I quite like Move Along Home.

Before the men in white coats are summoned to drag me off, I should say I enjoy it for what it is, and what it is certainly isn't quality, at least not when considered objectively. It's a poor episode, without much in the way of sense or purpose. But as someone who still enjoys several shows aimed at children (those with the spark of adult intelligence and humour to them), I can sit through it quite happily if I equate it to those cartoons. Of course, I admit that's not really a fair comparison: the quality in those kid's shows is genuine because they hit above their supposed target level - this falls beneath its show's level, so any quality is an illusion on my part. But it's an illusion I'm willing to partake in because I find I get genuine, if minor, enjoyment out of it when I do. Consider the episode sub-DS9, a departure from the usual fare wherein the series briefly becomes an above-average cartoon. Move Along Home is inarguably unworthy of a place among the canon of average-to-good DS9 episodes, but if you just accept that out the gate you can buy into the fun, at least somewhat. I know this thread is a rewatch review, so taking an episode out of all context like that probably runs counter to our purpose here, but why torture yourself when you can surrender to the madness?

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