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Oh, you evil, sadistic, little....

I should of known better than to click that link. Now what has been seen can ever never be unseen.
You'll be a better man for it. It is only when we suffer true pain that we can enjoy the good times, and that scene was beyond painful.

Move Along Home (**)

Here's a controversial opinion: I don't hate this episode. I should, while watching it there were plenty of things that I could see were objectively bad, but there's a big nostalgia factor for me with this episode. Along with Captive Pursuit, this is the episode I most remember from when the show first aired, so there's that. But there's more than just simple nostalgia, this episode opened my mind to a simple concept that I hadn't considered before; 3D games. Back then, all the games I played on my Commodore 64 were in 2D, they were either top-down adventures or side-scrollers, I had never played in an immersive 3D environment before. So the idea that Sisko, Kira and the rest were in a 3D game made up of corridors and rooms, with puzzles that they had to navigate, was completely new to me. The first game of that type that I played was Doom, which would only be released later that year. So, as a gamer, Move Along Home opened my young mind to possibilities that I had never imagined.

Which is why it's unfortunate that it's not a good episode. It's tries to be surreal, but it's too stuffy to successfully pull it off. There's also a big disconnect between what Sisko and co are going through in the game and what Quark is experiencing outside the game. How do the Wadi know what's going on? How does Quark know that they're not just yanking his chain? Where exactly were Sisko and co? Why were Sisko and the others picked as the pieces in the game? Why has nobody nuked the Wadi from orbit for pulling this stunt before?

There are a couple of good points to the episode. The Sisko/Jake relationship is touched on quite heavily early in the episode, which is arguably the best aspect of Sisko's character right now. You also have the scene where Quark breaks down and realises that there are limits to his greed and he's not willing to sacrifice innocent people. But overall, not a good episode, stupid in most places, but I let it off lightly because of nostalgia.
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