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Re: Best Audio Book?

So, I had a chance to listen to Neverland and Zagreus, and loved them both. I had no problem whatsoever that the previous Doctors were playing other characters (though, really they're not). I really enjoyed Colin Baker's character, really gave me some sympathy for the Vampires in the ESpace Trilogy.

Then I listed to Gallifrey Series 1, and they went back to back really, really well. Neverland and Zagreus first brought an extra dimension for me to a couple things in Gallifrey Series 1 that I didn't really catch, when I listed to it at work the first time (Though, that was a fairly distracted listening). Currently listening to Gallifrey Series 2, disk 1.

So, according to Wikipedia, it seems Charley and the Doctor continue their adventures together in the Divergent Universe in a series of about 10 Audio Plays, starting with Sherzo, I'll have to get those some time (Probably get the rest of the Charley adventures prior to Neverland first, though)
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