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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

79. Magic Trip (2011) - B. Documentary about Ken Kesey's original drug-fueled magic bus ride from California to New York featuring a great deal of the footage that Kesey and others shot during that actual trip. Entertaining and informative, both about the larger-than-life Kesey himself and about that time period in general. It also contains one really great animated sequence where Kesey is describing his original experiences with acid taking the drug in a psych ward as a test subject for the government. Great juxtaposition of new interviews and old footage.

80. The Lady of Names (2011) - B. Claymation feature film from Canada. I had a chance to see this at the Eugene International Film Festival on the big screen with about 3 other people in the theater, lol. This movie feels like a throwback to the 80s, in a good way. While most modern stop-motion animation tries for surrealism or a hyper-realistic look, this looks more like those old California Raisins shorts (a cliched comparison in regards to claymation I know, but in this case it really applies). The story is pretty simplistic but is saved from mediocrity by having a few original ideas behind it. Good movie for fans of animation in a historical context.

81. Bright (2011) - A. Amazing short film I also saw at the film festival, this was just a top notch short film in terms of acting, story, production, and cinematography. It's a really difficult film to summarize so I'll just copy/paste from IMBD: "A surprisingly contemplative drama centered on a blind man (Robert Wisdom) who must guide a quirky young man (Eric Nenninger) through a desperate fear." Anyway I really liked it.

I saw a number of other short films at the festival but Bright was the standout so I'll just leave it at that one.
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