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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 5 – The 12th Doctor
The 12th Doctor's TARDIS! Travelling through the vortex.
Felicia emerged into a TARDIS corridor that looked almost the same as the corridor that she was in before she entered the anomaly. The corridor had a more organic look to it than the ones she was used to. She could also hear the Cloister Bell ringing. She turned around and saw the anomaly disappear. She was stuck!

The TARDIS lurched, sending her crashing against a wall. The Cloister Bell stopped ringing. The TARDIS seemed to return to normal.

“Ok, this is either an earlier or later version of the TARDIS, but which is it? And is the Doctor an earlier regeneration?” she asked aloud to herself whilst feeling some fear mixed with the tiny thrill of excitement that she’d come to associate with adventure. She decided to try to find the console room, heading in the direction that she remembered that it was in the TARDIS’s future.

Although they looked similar, these TARDIS corridors were not the ones she knew and she quickly found herself lost. However she then heard someone coming.

She ducked around a corner, hid and waited for the person to come. ‘It is most likely the Doctor,’ she thought, as she tried to reassure herself.

A few minutes earlier, one of the Doctor’s companions had been looking in the TARDIS library for the lost plays of Shakespeare, when the Cloister Bell started ringing. Upon hearing it, the companion leapt down from the bookshelf and ran out of the library; looking for the Doctor and wondering what the trouble was.
“I hope that it’s not too serious,” she said.

The Doctor was tinkering in the console room when the Cloister Bell began to sound. 'Oh no!' he thought and dashed out of the console room, into the corridors.

Another companion was exploring the corridors, leaving a trail leading back to her quarters, when she heard the cloister bell.
“Not again!” she said. She turned and started running back along the trail, sending various markers flying as she knocked them aside.

Yet another companion was writing in a journal when cloister bell sounded. The journal fell to the floor as its owner ran out of the room...

Felicia waited. She could hear many people coming from different directions. She knew that one of them was the Doctor, she knew that the Doctor was different to the Doctor she knew. ‘His walking sounds different,’ she thought.

'A previous incarnation, but which one?' she thought.

The Doctor walked towards where the TARDIS had indicated that the anomaly had occurred, and wondered what had caused it.

The first companion dashed through the corridors to where where she was sure that the cause of the Cloister Bell ringing had ended up whilst wondering what said cause was. 'I just hope the Doctor knows how to deal with it,' she thought.

The explorer companion cautiously approached the place where the TARDIS had indicated that there had been an anomaly. She wondered what sort of anomaly it was.

Felicia saw the people come together around her. ‘One of them is definitely the Doctor,’ she thought, looking around at the companions. Even after all this time she couldn’t tell who was Human and who was merely humanoid at a glance. ‘Unless their skin was green or some other non-melaninic colour,’ she thought.

“Hello, Doctor.”

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” the Doctor asked. He looked older than the Doctor she was familiar with and had longer hair.

“I’m Felicia Lovell and I normally travel with your 13th self.” ‘Best to get it out into the open.’

“But how did you get into this version of the TARDIS without me knowing about it?” the Doctor asked with a frown.

“I was drawn through some sort of anomaly.”

“But that is impossible!” The Doctor said.

“I am here aren’t I?”

“That is true,” the Doctor said, clearly in thought.

“What now?” Felicia asked.

“What do you mean?” the Doctor asked, wondering what his future companion was talking about.

“Where is the TARDIS headed, and aren’t you going to introduce me your companions?” Felicia asked.

“Come to the kitchen and I will introduce you to the others there...”


A few minutes later, the Doctor had made Felicia a cup of tea. She sat down and drank it (although it was not quite the way she preferred her tea) as the companions introduced themselves, one by one.

“I am Kiara Asheru. I am from the planet Tyria, where I was an adventurer for hire.”

“Interesting. Where is Tyria?” Felicia asked. It wasn’t a planet she had heard of during her travels with the Doctor.

“It is in the Large Magellanic Cloud, apparently. I also have only been travelling with the Doctor for a short time, but I’ve seen all sorts of impossible things, some of which have been quite frightening. Much more frightening than the things on Tyria!” Kiara said exclaimed.

“Tell me about it! I’ve only been travelling with the Doctor for about five months, but the things I’ve seen!” Felicia said.

“Yes, the universe is very beautiful,” Kiara replied, nodding, sending her medium brown hair, which was woven into multiple braids; which were in turn, tied into pigtails, all over her shoulders. She then sat down and nibbled on her cake.

“I agree with that,” Felicia said. Kiara seemed outgoing and certainly seemed to be one for adventure. She wondered what Tyria was like. Kiara had rather pale skin, ‘Maybe she’s from a region of Tyria which has low sunlight levels?’ Felicia pondered.

“I am Nathan Daniels. I’ve been travelling with the Doctor for a while. I started travelling with him after he saved me from Cybermen in 1980s New Zealand.” He smiled shyly at Felicia, not noticing that he still had a pen tucked behind his ear from writing in his diary earlier.

“Facinating, what were the Cybermen doing in 1980’s New Zealand?” Felicia asked. ‘It probably was a good thing that the Doctor happened to be there!’ she thought, looking him over. ‘He seems shy. I hope that travelling with the Doctor is not too much for him,’ She noticed the Doctor ducking out of the kitchen.

“They were a faction of Mondas Cybermen, according to the Doctor, but he didn’t say what their plan was,” Nathan answered as he sipped from a milkshake as he waited for the last person to introduce herself.

“Hi, Felicia. My name is Tamsin Davis. I am from Devon, in England, next to the more famous Cornwall. Seriously; Cornwall is more famous...” the third companion who had been investigating the library said.

“Thanks Tamsin, I am familiar with Devon,” Felicia said, interrupting before Tamsin could rant about Cornwall.

“Because the Doctor took you there no doubt,” Tamsin said.

“That is one reason. We have been, or will be, there only once. Anyway, from which time period are you?” Felicia asked, whilst wondering what Tamsin had against Cornwall besides it being more famous than Devon.

“2010. Shortly after that ‘giant planet in the sky’ incident. I don’t think that was real. Harold Saxon assassinating President Winters was real, but not that. It took a while to refurbish the Archangel Network after all.”

“How can you say that? What about the various Christmas incidents in London?” Felicia sceptically.

“Hoaxes, apart from the last one,” Tamsin said, whist running her hands through her ear length dark blonde hair.

“So how’d you end up here?”

“I was studying history at the University of Exeter. Once I learned that the TARDIS travels in time, I felt that it was a great opportunity to experience history first hand,” Tamsin said.

“I’m from the year 2025. I was studying at an East Anglian university when I started travelling with the Doctor.”

“What were you studying?” Tamsin asked, her voice showing curiosity.

“Economics,” Felicia said. She continued telling Tamsin and the others about herself.

They didn’t notice Doctor come back into the room. “We are now approaching our destination.”

“Cool,” Tamsin said.

Kiara smiled as if in anticipation of the adventure ahead.

“Which is?” Felicia asked last.

“Wait and see,” the Doctor said, he lead them out of the kitchen and towards the console room...

“He never tells us where we are going, unless we happen to be in the console room when he sets the course,” Tamsin said.

“Oh,” Felicia said, surprised.

“Tamsin is right,” Kiara said as she left the kitchen. “Even then we still don’t know what we’re going into.”

‘That’s quirky,’ Felicia thought as she followed them out.
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