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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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It lasts a long time in our memories.

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Regarding Siddig's performance, I wonder whether it's possible he was specifically asked to perform in that manner. This seems like a situation where the director may be partially (or even fully) responsible, if they were satisfied with what they got from him.
I looked up the director of this episode, Paul Lynch, on MA earlier today and there's this quote from Wil Wheaton:
He was an Englishman who was always extraordinarily wound up, red-faced, sweating profusely, and infamous for saying "Energy! Energy! Energy! And, and, and, and, action!" before takes. He did this before every take, regardless of whether the scene actually called for "Energy! Energy! Energy!" or not.
That may explain Siddig's "electric shock" moment.
I wonder why they hired him again?

Hmm, just looked at Wikipedia, he directed The Naked Now, 11001001, Unnatural Selection, A Matter of Time and The First Duty. Some decent episodes there really, though The Naked Now was a bit frightening 2nd episode off the bat!

defiantfan wrote: View Post
In terms of Siddig's performance in "The Passenger" I believe it was explained best in this interview
"I'd only been on the set a couple of weeks before we started filming The Passenger. That episode was my nemesis and a total nightmare that I had to pull out of a hat. I literally got the script twenty-four hours before we started and then received a phone call from the producers twelve hours later saying, 'Sid, we'd like you to portray a different character for this possessed guy you're going to play. We think the best way to portray a different character is to drop your voice an octave. Can you do that?' "I don't think they understood how incredibly difficult that would be. They must have read somewhere that Laurence Olivier had dropped his voice an octave for Macbeth," he laughs, "and thought all actors can do that. I couldn't, of course, and by the time we actually started shooting I ended up growling like some sort of desperate tramp. We ended up having to reloop [dub] the whole thing in postproduction."
Well that goes to some lengths to explain why the episode was so dreadful! I can't believe the producers would have just asked Sid to alter his voice just 12 hours before shooting would start. Absolute madness! No prep time at all really. Not that it shows much. Oh wait...

Admiral Shran wrote: View Post
defiantfan wrote: View Post
"We ended up having to reloop [dub] the whole thing in postproduction."
If what we got in the episode is the reloop, or BETTER version, than all I can say is.... WOW!
I know. How bad must the original have been? I'm surprised this hasn't been a DVD extra.

Poor DS9, having such a torrid time in season one. It's nowhere near as bad as TNG's first two seasons, but it's probably on par with any one of VOY's. They all had both excellent and terrible episodes in them.
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