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^ Yeah that was the point of Annie's story though it was really a metaphor (right term?) for how she sees the three of them. This was an okay episode. No where near the awesomeness of last season's zombie episode. I suppose one could look at this episode as a character study episode. I'm not too sure what we'll see come out of this. This has been a weird season so far and I'm not sure why I feel that way. Allison Brie was smoking hot in this episode...and I'm getting of Brita's antics.
I think I actually preferred this one to the zombie episode. While it was a good parody, it just wasn't as funny as this episode was.
Agreed. Really, the only problem I have with "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps" is that we literally saw the same basic format two weeks ago in "Remedial Chaos Theory:" A single framing story to set it up, and six or seven 2- to 3-minute vignettes, a short epilogue, and a credits sequence that calls back to one of the vignettes.

I like this new format -- it was something we'd never seen before two weeks ago. But I think they should have waited a long while before using it again.
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